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  • The love of Jesus

    The love of Jesus

    Imagine if you were sinking the boat. Would you like to be saved? ~ And if in the end,someone will have to sacrifice a life?  That is what Jesus did. As we learned from chapter 37, he gave his life as a ransom for us. But of course, Jesus was not involved in the rescue of the drowning. Do you ...
  • About Bible

    About Bible

    The word “Bible” means “book“, but the Bible is not an ordinary book. This is the bookof books, because in it, and only it, we find the revealed will of God for mankind. Although the Bible deals with many topics but mostly the Bible is the words of God tothe human:
  • Love and family

    Love and family

    Hallmark family is love, which lies at the heart of it; the family is the visibleembodiment of love several people to each other. Legal registration does not createfamily; It is not the similarity of tastes, ages, professions, or number of people.
  • Husband and wife

    Husband and wife

    Relationship between husband and wife is very different from the romantic lovethat resembles a big wave, shooting boat with sand. In these respects, both spouses must renounce his “I“.
  • Love for children

    Love for children

    The family grows, it acquired new dimensions and perspectives. Married people are leaving the State of loneliness, becoming part of each other; After the advent of more and more parents are children themselves, so sometimes there is a sense of lostness in the juggling of family tasks and ...

The love of Jesus

Born again from above

Born again from above

In order to be saved, you must be born again from above. If you are not saved, you are not a Christian, whatever religion you belong to and how would callthemselves.