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How can I come closer to God?

As our all-knowing Father, God has a greater perspective and understanding than we do. He ...

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Why should I follow God’s laws?

Religion at its core promotes the existence of God. As imperfect humans, the immense nature ...

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Why God created us

Why God created us?

Is there a God and why God created us? This is one of the core ...

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From whence appeared God2

From whence appeared God?

The minds of great sages and philosophers throughout history, interested in answers to the fundamental ...

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Who created evil2

Who created evil?




Prayer in the name of Jesus1

Prayer in the name of Jesus

Prayer in the name of Jesus, the Gospel of John teaches 14:13 -14: and if ...

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Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer

The idea that the prayer contains the power, is extremely common. According to the Bible, ...

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Prayer of salvation

Prayer of salvation

Many people ask the question: “is there a prayer I can pray to be saved?” ...

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Prayer of repentance

Prayer of repentance

Prayer God, delivered by a man who realized their need of a Savior and the ...

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