How to find peace of soul

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“We have all their thoughts, desires and actions focused to obtain the peace of God, and with the Church always cry out:“ Lord God, give us peace “(PS. 26.12). Discovering your inner peace is the most important thing for a Christian towards salvation, because only peace in our hearts

Love for neighbor – the path to Heaven

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1. Identity of the person–in the thralls of instincts 2. Primitive natural love of human 3. God created us for we learned how to win influence instincts on his identity, acquired the divine love 4. soul after death saves information about the identity of the 5. the “Strait gate“

When we are in a bad mood – we are in hell, but we can win this hell

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The Kingdom of heaven is not a place but a State of mind. Hell is also a State of mind. We often then in hell, in paradise. When we’re in a bad mood is hell, and no us neither peace nor tranquility. And when in our heart of silence,

About the good thoughts

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Everything starts with a thought–and good and evil. Here, we see that everything that created that exists on the Earth and the universe, is embodied in time and space the divine thought. And we are created in God’s image. Therefore, our thoughts are materialized. Great award went to the

Christian love

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“There are natural (certainly) love is divine (the higher, spiritual) love, and there are Christian love is called Christ. Natural love is love sensual, certainly, the love that we love our relatives and close people (husband/wife, children, parents, friends, relatives, etc.). This love mercenary, she stretches. Because we love

The cross of salvation

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One of the most famous images of the ancient world — two statue of the Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus. A copy stands in the Pushkin Museum. Created it somewhere in the last quarter of the 1st century, and she was lying in the ground, until it was discovered in

Why God created us?

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Is there a God and why God created us? This is one of the core issues occupying theminds of people of all faiths at all times. Christianity has traditionally considers the creation of man with sense, but, in principle, optional for the Almighty and self-sufficient God. Most of the